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Accounting Application : Total Account 2.0

Aquilasys Inc. is developing the best of the class Accounting
application. The application will be Web based with following
features. The Web Based "Singly Hosted/Multi Tenancy" Version of
this software is being developed by the Company.

Accounting Features :
  • Basic accounting and accounting principles.
  • Backing up and restoring your data
  • Creating a Set of Books and set up procedures.
  • Chart of accounts, bank accounts, tax accounts.
  • Debtor and creditor accounts.
  • Documents for purchases & sales of non trading/trading
    stock items.
  • Opening balances.
  • Daily transactions in batches in the Purchase, Sales,
    Payments. Receipt batches as well as the repeating
  • Create repeating invoices for your debtors.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • The current bank account
  • Budgets and to generate reports to view your budget
  • Budget performance report, income statement.
  • Trial balance, user reports, etc.
  • Payroll Integration

Additional Benefits :

  1. Drill-down capabilities to the details of transactions
  2. Drill-down capabilities to the task screen
  3. Three levels of report customization:
  4. Quick Reports for those who want to add, subtract, or
    move fields, or change the filter or sort options.
  5. Comprehensive Reports for those who are more
    comfortable in the report design arena. Allows you to add,
    subtract, or move fields, add calculations, add your own
    drill-down or drill-to fields, and more.
  6. SQL Report Programming available with the Custom Office
    module. This option is available in the Comprehensive
    Reports option.
  7. Virtually unlimited calculation abilities
  8. Access to all company data fields
  9. Option of adding tables to existing reports with the Custom
    Office module
  10. Columnar Quick Reports so they export into Microsoft®
    Excel® exactly as seen on screen
  11. Data pull capabilities from multiple modules through the
    Custom Office module for better business decisions
  12. Protection by utilizing the existing Total Account 2.0
    security model

News :
Aquilasys is Hiring technical talent for Work on "Total Account
2.0" Project...
Aquilasys Inc.