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Aquilasys is a global leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing,
and professional services.

We are headquartered in Metuchen, New Jersey and operate
consulting business in USA.

We are, at the very basic level, a Information Technology  company-
who is not just creative but also innovative and open for new idea's.
Having deep industry & business domain expertise, brilliant
developers and expert managers, Aquilasys gives lot of
opportunities for right people, their skills and thus contribute
towards improving the client performance.

Our Vision:
"To be a globally respected corporation that provides excellent, high
performance and scalable business solutions, leveraging cutting
edge technology, delivered by highly efficient and expert people."

Our Goals and Values:
Excellence Everywhere: To achieve excellence in every possible
way of business by putting perfection to its limits.
Delight Everyone: The long list of customers is always delighted,
but we do not forget to delight even the smallest bricks of the
Value every small things: We believe that every small thing has a
value, and obviously the greatest power is inside of tiny atom.
growth to clients as well as employees. To promote
multi-dimensional employee development.

Our Mission:
To use our expertise to the benefit of our clients and partners
through an open, transparent approach.  To provide a return on
investment to shareholders.
Aquilasys Inc.